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STS-128 Launch Seen from Panama City, FL

I had the rare opportunity to witness a Space Shuttle launch from over 320 miles away. My vantage point was In Panama City, FL.

I was amazed at how bright it was, it cast a beautiful orange glow over the water at Earl Gilbert Park. I have witnessed many ISS overhead passes and I expected to see something similar. I was very wrong!

The pictures simply do not do it justice.

See the gallery for the full resolution pictures. Unfortunately in my excitement I bumped the Tripod and caused some shake in one of the pictures.


Klik – Your one click installation of Linux software

Klik is a relatively new and very easy way to install and try applications on Linux. I have tried several large applications and they all work flawlessly. You have to download and install the client installation first, but that is easily accomplished by a wget command line that is on the homepage. After that you can download and run a plethora of great Linux Apps! Unlike other application installations that may require extensive dependency checks, this is a single download and execute file. If you do not want the application anymore you simply delete the file. You can also place the file on removable media and carry the application with you.  It is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. Give it a try!
Klik Homepage

SAMBA and SELINUX -Things you need to know

I decided to setup Samba using one of my existing Linux servers utilizing Fedora Core 9. I have a filer (OpenFiler) that I use for most of my storage but I like to have a “backup” system to send files to. My first problem setting up Samba was permission denied at directories to which I knew the permissions were set correctly. After some digging and trial and error I found out the SELinux was the issue denying access. The smb.conf file clearly states what is required to set the proper permissions but if you use Webmin or other samba admin interface so you may not see the instructions unless you go digging.

If you create your own directory to place files in you will have to use the  chcon -t samba_share_t /path command to prepare it so SElinux will allow Samba to access it. Additionaly if you want to setup home drives you will have to “turn them on” for SELinux by using the setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on command.

SELinux is a great security tool to leave enabled but is somewhat troublesome when things just don’t seem to work correctly. With a little digging (or Googling) and patience you will be glad you left SELinux enabled.
Here is the SELinux snippit, important commands are BOLD:

# If you want to use the useradd/groupadd family of binaries please run:
# setsebool -P samba_domain_controller on
# If you want to share home directories via samba please run:
# setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on
# If you create a new directory you want to share you should mark it as
# “samba-share_t” so that selinux will let you write into it.
# Make sure not to do that on system directories as they may already have
# been marked with othe SELinux labels.
# Use ls -ldZ /path to see which context a directory has
# Set labels only on directories you created!
# To set a label use the following: chcon -t samba_share_t /path
# If you need to share a system created directory you can use one of the
# following (read-only/read-write):
# setsebool -P samba_export_all_ro on
# or
# setsebool -P samba_export_all_rw on
# If you want to run scripts (preexec/root prexec/print command/…) please
# put them into the /var/lib/samba/scripts directory so that smbd will be
# allowed to run them.
# Make sure you COPY them and not MOVE them so that the right SELinux context
# is applied, to check all is ok use restorecon -R -v /var/lib/samba/scripts

Extending linux volumes with Fedora Core or LVM

To extend a Volume Group  and Logical Volume Group to a new Physical Disk


Open the Logical Volume Manager

# lvm

lvm>pvcreate /dev/sdb
lvm>vgextend VolGroup00 /dev/sdb
lvm>lvextend -L30G /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

# ext2online /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00
# df -h

To verify the additional 30GB

note: sdb is the scsi drive, the drive you add could be a ide which would be a hdx x being the drive designation

Server Crash

If you are looking for the Techie Bytes blog, I am sorry to say the server crashed and I am rebuilding a new one. The blog will be here permanently and the content will be resposted as soon I can recreate it. Sorry for the inconvenience.